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Volkmar Frinken; Andreas Fischer; Markus Baumgartner; Horst Bunke Keyword spotting for self-training of BLSTM NN based handwriting recognition systems 2014 Pattern Recognition 47 1073-1082 details   pdf doi
T.Chauhan; E.Perales; Kaida Xiao; E.Hird ; Dimosthenis Karatzas; Sophie Wuerger The achromatic locus: Effect of navigation direction in color space 2014 Journal of Vision 14 (1) 1-11 details   doi
Antonio Clavelli; Dimosthenis Karatzas; Josep Llados; Mario Ferraro; Giuseppe Boccignone Modelling task-dependent eye guidance to objects in pictures 2014 Cognitive Computation 6 558-584 details   pdf doi
A.Kesidis; Dimosthenis Karatzas Logo and Trademark Recognition 2014 Handbook of Document Image Processing and Recognition D 591-646 details   doi
Carles Sanchez; Oriol Ramos Terrades; Patricia Marquez; Enric Marti; Jaume Rocarias; Debora Gil Evaluación automática de prácticas en Moodle para el aprendizaje autónomo en Ingenierías 2014 8th International Congress on University Teaching and Innovation details   pdf openurl
David Fernandez; Josep Llados; Alicia Fornes A graph-based approach for segmenting touching lines in historical handwritten documents 2014 International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 17 293-312 details   doi
David Fernandez; Pau Riba; Alicia Fornes; Josep Llados On the Influence of Key Point Encoding for Handwritten Word Spotting 2014 14th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition 476 - 481 details   pdf doi
David Fernandez; Jon Almazan; Nuria Cirera; Alicia Fornes; Josep Llados BH2M: the Barcelona Historical Handwritten Marriages database 2014 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition 256 - 261 details   pdf doi
David Fernandez; R.Manmatha; Josep Llados; Alicia Fornes Sequential Word Spotting in Historical Handwritten Documents 2014 11th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis and Systems 101 - 105 details   pdf doi
Pau Riba; Jon Almazan; Alicia Fornes; David Fernandez; Ernest Valveny; Josep Llados e-Crowds: a mobile platform for browsing and searching in historical demographyrelated manuscripts 2014 14th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition 228 - 233 details   pdf doi
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