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Lei Kang; Juan Ignacio Toledo; Pau Riba; Mauricio Villegas; Alicia Fornes; Marçal Rusiñol Convolve, Attend and Spell: An Attention-based Sequence-to-Sequence Model for Handwritten Word Recognition 2018 40th German Conference on Pattern Recognition 459-472 details   pdf url
Lluis Gomez; Andres Mafla; Marçal Rusiñol; Dimosthenis Karatzas Single Shot Scene Text Retrieval 2018 15th European Conference on Computer Vision 11218 728-744 details   pdf url
Y. Patel; Lluis Gomez; Marçal Rusiñol; Dimosthenis Karatzas; C.V. Jawahar Self-Supervised Visual Representations for Cross-Modal Retrieval 2019 ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 182–186 details   pdf doi
Joana Maria Pujadas-Mora; Alicia Fornes; Josep Llados; Gabriel Brea-Martinez; Miquel Valls-Figols The Baix Llobregat (BALL) Demographic Database, between Historical Demography and Computer Vision (nineteenth–twentieth centuries 2019 Nominative Data in Demographic Research in the East and the West: monograph 29-61 details   doi
Arnau Baro; Carles Badal; Pau Torras; Alicia Fornes Handwritten Historical Music Recognition through Sequence-to-Sequence with Attention Mechanism 2022 3rd International Workshop on Reading Music Systems (WoRMS2021) 55-59 details   url
Pau Torras; Arnau Baro; Alicia Fornes; Lei Kang Improving Handwritten Music Recognition through Language Model Integration 2022 4th International Workshop on Reading Music Systems (WoRMS2022) 42-46 details   url
Minesh Mathew; Ruben Tito; Dimosthenis Karatzas; R.Manmatha; C.V. Jawahar Document Visual Question Answering Challenge 2020 2020 33rd IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition – Short paper details   pdf url
Pau Riba; Andreas Fischer; Josep Llados; Alicia Fornes Learning Graph Edit Distance by Graph NeuralNetworks 2020 Arxiv details   pdf url
Lei Kang; Pau Riba; Marçal Rusiñol; Alicia Fornes; Mauricio Villegas Pay Attention to What You Read: Non-recurrent Handwritten Text-Line Recognition 2022 Pattern Recognition 129 108766 details   file doi
Oriol Ramos Terrades; Albert Berenguel; Debora Gil A flexible outlier detector based on a topology given by graph communities 2020 Arxiv details   pdf url
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