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B. Gautam; Oriol Ramos Terrades; Joana Maria Pujadas-Mora; Miquel Valls-Figols Knowledge graph based methods for record linkage 2020 Pattern Recognition Letters 136 127-133 details   pdf url
Volkmar Frinken; Andreas Fischer; Markus Baumgartner; Horst Bunke Keyword spotting for self-training of BLSTM NN based handwriting recognition systems 2014 Pattern Recognition 47 1073-1082 details   pdf doi
Hongxing Gao; Marçal Rusiñol; Dimosthenis Karatzas; Josep Llados; Tomokazu Sato; Masakazu Iwamura; Koichi Kise Key-region detection for document images -applications to administrative document retrieval 2013 12th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition 230-234 details   pdf doi
Manuel Carbonell; Mauricio Villegas; Alicia Fornes; Josep Llados Joint Recognition of Handwritten Text and Named Entities with a Neural End-to-end Model 2018 13th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems 399-404 details   pdf openurl
Yunchao Gong; Svetlana Lazebnik; Albert Gordo; Florent Perronnin Iterative quantization: A procrustean approach to learning binary codes for Large-Scale Image Retrieval 2012 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 35 2916-2929 details   pdf doi
Ali Furkan Biten; Andres Mafla; Lluis Gomez; Dimosthenis Karatzas Is An Image Worth Five Sentences? A New Look into Semantics for Image-Text Matching 2022 Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 1391-1400 details   pdf doi
Chenyang Fu; Kaida Xiao; Dimosthenis Karatzas; Sophie Wuerger Investigation of Unique Hue Setting Changes with Ageing 2011 Chinese Optics Letters 9 053301-1-5 details   doi
Josep Llados Interpretacio de dibuixos linials fets a ma alçada mitjançant isomorfisme entre subgrafs i transformacio de Hough 1996 CVC Technical Report #10 details   openurl
Josep Llados; Enric Marti Interpretacio de dibuixos lineals mitjançant tècniques d isomorfisme entre grafs 1995 Trobada de Joves Investigadors details   pdf openurl
Josep Llados; Enric Marti; Jordi Regincos Interpretación de diseños a mano alzada como técnica de entrada a un sistema CAD en un ámbito de arquitectura 1993 III National Conference on Computer Graphics details   openurl
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