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Adarsh Tiwari; Sanket Biswas; Josep Llados Can Pre-trained Language Models Help in Understanding Handwritten Symbols? 2023 17th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition 14193 199–211 details   url
Josep Llados; Enric Marti A graph-edit algorithm for hand-drawn graphical document recognition and their automatic introduction into CAD systems 1999 Machine Graphics & Vision 8 195-211 details   openurl
Andreas Fischer; Ching Y. Suen; Volkmar Frinken; Kaspar Riesen; Horst Bunke A Fast Matching Algorithm for Graph-Based Handwriting Recognition 2013 9th IAPR – TC15 Workshop on Graph-based Representation in Pattern Recognition 7877 194-203 details   pdf doi
Ernest Valveny; Enric Marti Deformable Template Matching within a Bayesian Framework for Hand-Written Graphic Symbol Recognition 2000 Graphics Recognition Recent Advances 1941 193-208 details   pdf doi
Lluis Gomez; Dimosthenis Karatzas A fine-grained approach to scene text script identification 2016 12th IAPR Workshop on Document Analysis Systems 192-197 details   pdf doi
Partha Pratim Roy; Umapada Pal; Josep Llados Query Driven Word Retrieval in Graphical Documents 2010 9th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems 191–198 details   doi
T.O. Nguyen; Salvatore Tabbone; Oriol Ramos Terrades Symbol Descriptor Based on Shape Context and Vector Model of Information Retrieval 2008 Proceedings of the 8th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, 191-197 details   openurl
Jose Antonio Rodriguez; Gemma Sanchez; Josep Llados Categorization of Digital Ink Elements using Spectral Features 2008 Graphics Recognition: Recent Advances and New Opportunities 5046 188–198 details   openurl
Marçal Rusiñol; Agnes Borras; Josep Llados Relational Indexing of Vectorial Primitives for Symbol Spotting in Line-Drawing Images 2010 Pattern Recognition Letters 31 188–201 details   doi
Mathieu Nicolas Delalandre; Ernest Valveny; Tony Pridmore; Dimosthenis Karatzas Generation of Synthetic Documents for Performance Evaluation of Symbol Recognition & Spotting Systems 2010 International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 13 187-207 details   doi
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