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Gemma Sanchez; Ernest Valveny; Josep Llados; Joan Mas; N. Lozano A platform to extract knowledge from graphic documents. Application to an architectural sketch understanding scenario 2004 Document Analysis Systems VI, S. Marinai, A. Dengel (Eds.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3163:389–400 details   openurl
Adria Molina; Lluis Gomez; Oriol Ramos Terrades; Josep Llados A Generic Image Retrieval Method for Date Estimation of Historical Document Collections 2022 Document Analysis Systems.15th IAPR International Workshop, (DAS2022) 13237 583–597 details   pdf doi
Josep Brugues Pujolras; Lluis Gomez; Dimosthenis Karatzas A Multilingual Approach to Scene Text Visual Question Answering 2022 Document Analysis Systems.15th IAPR International Workshop, (DAS2022) 65-79 details   pdf doi
Hongxing Gao; Marçal Rusiñol; Dimosthenis Karatzas; Josep Llados Fast Structural Matching for Document Image Retrieval through Spatial Databases 2014 Document Recognition and Retrieval XXI 9021 details   pdf doi
Marçal Rusiñol; R.Roset; Josep Llados; C.Montaner Automatic Index Generation of Digitized Map Series by Coordinate Extraction and Interpretation 2011 e-Perimetron 6 219-229 details   openurl
Juan Ignacio Toledo; Jordi Cucurull; Jordi Puiggali; Alicia Fornes; Josep Llados Document Analysis Techniques for Automatic Electoral Document Processing: A Survey 2015 E-Voting and Identity, Proceedings of 5th international conference, VoteID 2015 139-141 details   doi
Ali Furkan Biten; Ruben Tito; Lluis Gomez; Ernest Valveny; Dimosthenis Karatzas OCR-IDL: OCR Annotations for Industry Document Library Dataset 2022 ECCV Workshop on Text in Everything details   pdf url
Ernest Valveny; Robert Benavente; Agata Lapedriza; Miquel Ferrer; Jaume Garcia; Gemma Sanchez Adaptation of a computer programming course to the EXHE requirements: evaluation five years later 2012 European Journal of Engineering Education 37 243-254 details   pdf doi
Debora Gil; Oriol Ramos Terrades; Raquel Perez Topological Radiomics (TOPiomics): Early Detection of Genetic Abnormalities in Cancer Treatment Evolution 2021 Extended Abstracts GEOMVAP 2019, Trends in Mathematics 15 15 89–93 details   doi
Gemma Sanchez; Josep Llados; K. Tombre An Error-Correction Graph Grammar to Recognize Textured Symbols. 2001 Fourth IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition, GREC 2001, 135–146. details   openurl
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