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Author J. Chazalon; P. Gomez-Kramer; Jean-Christophe Burie; M.Coustaty; S.Eskenazi; Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman; Nibal Nayef; Marçal Rusiñol; N. Sidere; Jean-Marc Ogier
Title SmartDoc 2017 Video Capture: Mobile Document Acquisition in Video Mode Type Conference Article
Year 2017 Publication 1st International Workshop on Open Services and Tools for Document Analysis Abbreviated Journal
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Abstract As mobile document acquisition using smartphones is getting more and more common, along with the continuous improvement of mobile devices (both in terms of computing power and image quality), we can wonder to which extent mobile phones can replace desktop scanners. Modern applications can cope with perspective distortion and normalize the contrast of a document page captured with a smartphone, and in some cases like bottle labels or posters, smartphones even have the advantage of allowing the acquisition of non-flat or large documents. However, several cases remain hard to handle, such as reflective documents (identity cards, badges, glossy magazine cover, etc.) or large documents for which some regions require an important amount of detail. This paper introduces the SmartDoc 2017 benchmark (named “SmartDoc Video Capture”), which aims at
assessing whether capturing documents using the video mode of a smartphone could solve those issues. The task under evaluation is both a stitching and a reconstruction problem, as the user can move the device over different parts of the document to capture details or try to erase highlights. The material released consists of a dataset, an evaluation method and the associated tool, a sample method, and the tools required to extend the dataset. All the components are released publicly under very permissive licenses, and we particularly cared about maximizing the ease of
understanding, usage and improvement.
Address Kyoto; Japan; November 2017
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