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Author Anjan Dutta; Umapada Pal; Josep Llados
Title Compact Correlated Features for Writer Independent Signature Verification Type Conference Article
Year 2016 Publication 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition Abbreviated Journal
Volume Issue Pages
Abstract This paper considers the offline signature verification problem which is considered to be an important research line in the field of pattern recognition. In this work we propose hybrid features that consider the local features and their global statistics in the signature image. This has been done by creating a vocabulary of histogram of oriented gradients (HOGs). We impose weights on these local features based on the height information of water reservoirs obtained from the signature. Spatial information between local features are thought to play a vital role in considering the geometry of the signatures which distinguishes the originals from the forged ones. Nevertheless, learning a condensed set of higher order neighbouring features based on visual words, e.g., doublets and triplets, continues to be a challenging problem as possible combinations of visual words grow exponentially. To avoid this explosion of size, we create a code of local pairwise features which are represented as joint descriptors. Local features are paired based on the edges of a graph representation built upon the Delaunay triangulation. We reveal the advantage of combining both type of visual codebooks (order one and pairwise) for signature verification task. This is validated through an encouraging result on two benchmark datasets viz. CEDAR and GPDS300.
Address (up) Cancun; Mexico; December 2016
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